Cheryl Russell

Pledge to Clients: "RESULTS SINCE 1976"
A recent client, Deborah Buchta, relayed a very powerful message I would like to share
with you.
"Words cannot fully express Cheryl Russell's expert capabilities in knowing the
right listing price, going the extra mile in getting my homes sold, and being of
incomparable guidance and service to my needs. Regardless of market
conditions, Cheryl was able to sell both of my homes (5 years apart) the first week
they were listed! She found the buyer for my condo while she was cleaning
cobwebs from my deck! All I can say is Cheryl is "magical." I feel such gratitude
for her amazing vision and continual dedication to excellent service! If you have
any questions for me, Cheryl can share my number."
Debbie is a real estate broker in San Francisco and she knows what buyers & sellers value
the most-experience! I am proud of joining Better Properties where my brother, Luke
Daniel, & I will be a team. My pledge to all my clients is the same service Debbie
received-my best!

Professional Experience: I have been making real estate dreams come true for thousands of customers over the past
36 years! I began selling real estate full-time in 1976; my office was in Lakewood for 14
years and then I spent many more with a Coldwell Banker office in Federal Way. I have
seen the real estate business change dramatically with computers & electronics-but the
most important thing has not changed. That is the dedicated service and patience I devote
to each of my customers.

Outside Interests: Whether it's cooking for a crowd or just for myself, I enjoy the craft! I've even learned
how to prepare vegetables so they are delicious-herbs & spices help a lot!
Golf & travel to tropical destinations are my favorite getaways--I just don't get away
enough. I volunteer at Hospice House every week to help make the patients and their
families as comfortable as possible. This is truly a special part of my life-I believe
sharing & giving is 'paying it forward.'
Family has been the sunshine in my life and always will be! Locally born & raised in
Tacoma, we're all still part of the Tacoma scene. In this high tee world we still manage
to get together on each relative's birthday for special celebrations. Love is what matters
most to me.
Cribbage, backgammon, blackjack & reading on my "Nook" are also favorites.

Position: Real Estate Broker
Phone: 253.227.7131
Fax: 253.589.2668
Email: cherylrussell@betterproperties.com